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Grisha Trilogy Re-Read: Shadow & Bone Chapters 1-5 Re-cap


Alina Starkov always knew she was different. Weak. Scrawny. An orphan in a country ravaged by war. A mapmaker in the King’s army. Mal’s best friend. 


SHADOW AND BONE begins as Alina and Mal’s regiment is preparing to cross the shadow fold, the “unsea”, a smudge of darkness on the land filled with monsters that cuts most of Ravka off from the ocean. Alina is, understandably, nervous. (I mean, who wouldn’t be?)

Alina and Mal were thick as thieves growing up in the orphanage at the Duke’s estate, but more recently they’re drifting apart, with Mal drifting over to other girls who are practically jumping over Alina to get closer to Mal. 

Then they start to cross the fold and THINGS. GET. REAL. 


They’re attacked by volcra, the monsters who haunt and hunt within the fold — legend had it they could smell human blood from miles away.

Mal is injured after trying to protect Alina, so she tries to shield him with her body and suddenly:


Next thing Alina knows she’s hauled in front of the Darkling and the rest of the first and second armies, and is told that she’s the one who saved them on the fold. She’s taken away to the Little Palace in the dead of night. 

OMG. What did you think of the first five chapters? Your first time reading it? What was it that pulled you in? SO MANY THINGS. 

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